When all that can happen has happened, what do you do?

When situations happen inevitably, they cannot be prevented or undone. You must let whatever is happening; run its course without interruption. Life has a way of squeezing every ounce of potential out of you without warning. When a dog is backed up into a corner, there is only one option left for it to do and that is to attack! Every day we dream about living life unconsciously until our conscious hits us with a straight jab to the nose. After getting off the canvas, you stare at yourself in the mirror wondering what the hell just happened; hence, “it was all good just a week ago, now I’m wearing the same clothes a week in a row”.

Alone in the room, just you, four white walls, and your thoughts, you’re contemplating, back and forth, back and forth, what should I do? This same question has run a marathon in your head, circulating the brainwaves 1 million miles per minute. Four days have passed and you’ve finally figured out that your heart is the key to unlocking the gate and releasing you from your regurgitated thoughts. Uncontrollably, you make the decision that would change your life forever. Life is a game! Think outside the box! PLAY CANS!


Lemon Squeeze

Would you risk everything that you’re accustomed to, throw it all away, to do what you’ve always wanted to do?  What are your dreams? Why are you making your dreams so hard to obtain?

Going to work to earn a paycheck, leave your job to go and sit in your apartment, has to be the biggest disappointment in any person’s life. Get out while you can before you regret it years down the line. Make everyday feel like the weekend! The world of possibilities can induce so much change; you will not allow yourself to stand inside the hands of others. Evoking that change will spark a fire inside of you that you never knew existed. What if LOL was the first thing you did every time you woke up in the morning? A great feeling right! Strive to LYMFAO at everyone that continues to contribute another man’s dream while stomping on their own. How can working for “the man” feel so great? Asking for more hours just to make ends meet sounds absurd. Handcuffs are just a practical joke played on you to see how long you will remain a prisoner of your own lives. This is still “the land of opportunity” and you must take advantage of it all before it’s too late. Escape your reality! Make every point count! PLAY CANS!


The Black Whole

I don’t know, it’s not time yet, I’m not ready, I’m sick, I don’t have a ride! Excuses, excuses, and more excuses are plaguing the growth and development of these young men in Milwaukee. I understand that being broke is easier than going to work every day. In today’s society, the world is moving at an abnormal pace. People kicking cans! People playing CANS! While the rich are continuing to get rich, the poor and young are digging their own graves and burying themselves alive. Technology age is eating away at their souls along with marijuana and other drugs. Urban communities have become more impoverished, segregated, while the crime rate continues to scale great heights. Who can you trust? Who do you look to for leadership? Are they really trying to help you or just scheming for monetary gains?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be raised in a perfect environment? Imagine no crime, neighborhoods full of houses with grassy green yards, teachers that are paid well to teach well, not a police officer in sight, playgrounds with functioning equipment, liquor and tobacco stores nowhere to be found, neighborly neighbors, two-parent households, families eating together, praying together, playing together. Sounds like Utopia right? Well it’s not a crime to want to live a sorrow-less life. If you just walk down a block focus on the looks of the people in those heinous situations, your spirit should leave your soul for just a moment. It’s mentally and emotionally draining,  the daily images of life stranded under socioeconomic living standards. It all starts with a thought!

Not all is lost! Live your dream! ICAN!

ICAN 7 THE GAME OF CANS True Testimonies

                                             ICAN 7

                             “THE GAME OF CANS”

                                True Testimonies

   Testimony # 1 Dante Banks- Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2010

The game of Cans
as presented to many is the alternative, or sister to the well-known game of
basketball. The specific origins of the game of Cans are unknown, but many
would like to claim the title as the originators of the game. The game has now
progressed from sidewalks and alleys of urban cities to the dirt roads and
pastures of rural America and beyond. I remember the game of Cans as the common
ground to bringing the neighborhood together. Young and old, boys and girls, it
did not matter who you were as long as you could play Cans. It was exciting to
be the big man or woman on the block, the Can champ for the day, until somebody
came and challenged you for your crown. The invisible crown was a since of
pride, a badge of honor, a rites of passage from boys to men. The little man
from around the way, finally getting his chance to be recognized as that dude,
the one that challenged the ability of anybody on the block who stepped up to
play. If you were the Can champ, especially by beating somebody older than you,
that feeling of respect and envy could not be topped. The game of Cans is
unique in many ways, because it is able to transcend gender, age, race, or
beliefs. It did not matter who you were, if you stepped on the sidewalk to play
it was a battle to the end. Nothing was better than waking up on a hot summer
day, all eyes on you, waiting for a chance to play the Can champ. Their
ultimate hope was a chance to steal the crown, at least for a day.

Testimony # 2 Laurence Jones-Nashville, Tennessee 2011

The game of Tops is a game that was started in
the early 1950’s. The origin is unknown, but the game was played as a way to
relieve tension and frustration in neighborhoods stricken with poverty. My Dad
remembers that he and his friends used to play as children, growing up in the
city of Chicago. One of the older guys on the block introduced me to the game
of Tops, in 1988. He had two empty bottles of soda and unscrewed the Tops off
each bottle. He then placed each Top in between the lines on the sidewalk, also
using the sidewalk lines to create the appropriate distance needed for playing
the game. I got behind one Top and he got behind the other and the game began.
The first one to hit their opponent’s Top, scored 10 points, and games were
played up to 100. All of my friends watched as we played and fiercely competed
for the game win. The game of Tops is very interesting, because it is like the
game of basketball, without the actual basketball courts, or rims to shoot on.
Neighborhood guys that played would always emulate their favorite NBA player by
shooting fadeaways, leaners, and even long distance shots to prove their accuracy
in hitting the Top. Some days we would play for hours at a time with many
different games going on at once. We would shuffle from one end of the block to
the other, playing the winners and losers of each game. We would challenge
young people on other blocks for respect and Tops champion bragging rights. We
even played at night when the sun went down, using the street lights to keep
the intense games going. Growing up in the streets of Chicago, every day was
literally a new adventure. You feared the unknown each time you took a step
outside of your home. Street gangs, pimps and winos made almost every block
their home. My parents were living at poverty level, receiving government
funding every month, which didn’t allow for us to afford any type of rollaway
basketball courts to put in the alley or a vacant lot. They use to make sure
the bills were paid, food was on the table, and our clothes were clean, that
was it! There were no local boys and Girls clubs or YMCA’s for me and my
friends to join. The local parks had basketball courts, monkey bars, slides,
and swings, but at that time were considered gang territory, no one outside of
the gang was allowed in the park without consequences. We were confined to the
block, and if we left the block it was with our parents to get groceries, or to
go to school. A television set was the closest we got to any type of real basketball
game. So we would watch our favorite players, then go outside and play a game
of Tops, wishing for the day we could be like the real NBA players on TV.

  Testimony # 3 Decerdric Davidson-Jackson, Tennessee 2010
The game of Cans
was born in the inner cities and neighborhood blocks all around the United
States. The games mostly took place in the Mid-Western cities, where sidewalks
were common in most of the neighborhoods. This was the sport for those who
could not get to the local basketball courts, and for those children that had
to stay in front of the house when they were outside. Age did not matter as
long as you were able to shoot and hit the Cans. The game of Cans is comprised
of a ball (most used a basketball), two Cans (soda, juice, beer, etc.), and
sidewalk lines used to score points. Each sidewalk line was worth 10 points and
each additional line was worth 10 more points. Games always went to 100, unless
there was a tie breaker that went to 50. Everybody in the neighborhood had
their own style or method of playing; it didn’t matter as long as you hit the
Can. If you won, you kept playing, until somebody beat you. Games would go on
all day and night; to win was the ultimate achievement. Winning was everything,
you were the Can champ, and everybody wanted to play you! People would travel
from block to block looking for the best Can players. This small and simple
game provided unity in the Black community. Many claimed to be the originators,
making up their own rules, depending on who they were playing. One thing was
for certain, no matter who, or where you played, the bottom line was hit the
Can. Who is up for the challenge!

                 ICAN 7 “Who Got Next”

The Barbershop Experience

So, my boss lets me go home 2 hours early and what did I do, I sat in the barbershop for those 2 hours.  This fat, up and coming comedian, cracked jokes about everyone in the joint. The older barbers were staring at every young female that walked through the door and whispering to their buddies about what they would do if they had a chance to hit that(have sex with). Kids were spinning around as if A.D.H.D. had been injected into those lollipops that they were eating. This girl walked in with both of her cheeks pierced. The question that popped into my head was, how can she blow bubble gum bubbles? The barbershop is a safe haven for most.  Whether you are there to get a haircut or to chill out after a hard day at work, the barbershop accepts all visitors. There is a sense of community at the barbershop and people feel wanted inside those sacred doors.  Anything goes in the barbershop. Topics about sports,sex,politics,music, and church are likely to be discussed at the barbershop.  Does Herman Cain have a clue that he’s a black man? I even taught 2 kids how to play the game of cans.


Close your eyes! Okay open them to read this blog! But, imagine your life being without thought and you do exactly what you set out to do. Everyday you wake up,its you versus life! Your thoughts competing against each other. What should I do? Where should I go? The money is great,but my well-being is greater! Do I love her? Is he the one? I hate my boss and his breath(pause)STINKS! Gosh! Can I really change the way my family thinks? What is love? The gravitational pull is like walking with 100 lb cemented Michael Jordan sneakers on, at night, in the mean streets of Milwaukee. Headaches,anxiety,depression, and stress raging against your spirit. You’re stuck, and the only movements are your eyeballs  and lashes.Your opponent strikes the can! The game is over! How will you react?

Mole-Hill’s Mountain

As many supernatural talents in the possession of men,where do we start? A mind full of ideas can only become ideal if we put forth the necessary efforts that it takes to bring our ideas to full fruition. The power of many minds combined, can accomplish many of feats, while also providing you the mental wealth that man is continuously defeated by. Imagine his footprints aiding your next step or his mind guiding your best thoughts! Brothers that band together,win together!